January 22, 2012

i've always loved sad stories

i am not a sad person. maybe a little bitter sometimes. but definitely not sad.
sad stories are pretty much irresistible to me, though.
and you should probably know i don't really care for happy endings.
[only in real life.] but never in movies.
they seem quite fake to me.
sometimes i feel like i need to tell people what happy endings are really like.

for happy endings to be truly happy, they often carry a little sadness within.

and i enjoy a little sadness in life.
for it is expected and imperative.
and it also has this inevitable binding force
that makes you notice the good side of life.

and i have such an ambivalent attitude when it comes to feelings.

art comes from sadness.
grace in the form of rain that washes the soul.
la tristesse vient de l'eau.

losing something you never really had can be truly heartbreaking.
and it's harder coming to terms with this kind of loss.

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January 20, 2012

i love you like...

the sound wisdom of a gradma
the precious innocence of youth
the kind words of a teacher
the slow, not-so-sad blues

a nice, crackling fireplace
and sleepy afternoons
the freezing cold winter days
and those hot summer nights

unpaved roads
breakfast in bed
lazy, rainy mornings
the life of a newlywed

January 15, 2012

our weekend through the lens of Instagram

more on pajamas pants:
the art of doing nothing 

dare to bake?
the art of doing nothing part 2: Italian style

 here's something else i didn't do this weekend

forgotten treasures: 
how many times have you looked for something
and found other things you didn't even remember you had?

daily doses of wisdom

feeding our kids

a glimpse on future weekends

January 14, 2012

is there anything better than...

... spend the entire weekend in pajama pants?

 it's freezing cold outside right now. winter is our favorite season and we always make sure to feel cozy and warm at home.

newlywed life is awesome! we're so lucky we don't have to work weekends. and it's even better when we have the whole weekend to ourselves.

pizza, wine and movies. seriously, what more could i ask for?

January 12, 2012

it was about time

i was talking to a cousin the other day about this blog. and he was all like: why don’t you write more often? and why don’t you write about this and that..?

it made me think about how limited our time is.

and how i always used to come up with thousands of new year’s resolutions... i used to start with some nice, attainable goals. then, well...

i don't know. maybe it's just that i'd get a little too excited and my list would end up something like this:

-          go out with my friends more often
-          read more
-          join a book club
-          go out on dates with my husband every week
-          actually send real Christmas cards this year (yeah, i always regret not having started it earlier - oh, and now it's too late and they won't be getting it before Christmas anyway.. so what's the point?)
-          work out on a daily basis
-          start a business
-          take up an old hobby (like photography)
-          writing lots of emails to my long distance friends every week/month
-          visit my in-laws once a week
-          work extra hours to save for a car upgrade
-          sleep more hours
-          volunteer at our local church
-          take an online course on applied finance
-          start a blog and post regularly
-          pay off the house
-          completely change my eating habits
-          have a baby
-          learn how to play the guitar
-          help with advertising my husband’s business
-          write a book
-          learn French
-          run my first half marathon
-          travel around the world in 80 days...

and you know me.. i am all for those things, really. i am.

and i guess when we all think about new year’s resolutions, we normally go for the 10+ list of things we must add to our regular (and most likely already full) schedule without leaving our current responsibilities unattended.

but let’s face it: there is not enough time to do everything we want! i mean.. seriously, i’d love to be able to accomplish every single thing I want in life, but there just isn’t time to do them all.

i don’t know about you, but i used to do that. i used to write these 10+, 20+, 100+ lists before the new year came and surprise, surprise!, i didn’t even remember most of what was in there by February! so, what are resolutions good for anyway if you don’t even know that you can actually commit to doing them after all?

i have been doing things differently for the past few years, though, and it has been working fine for me. i'm sure some people would think i don't feel extra inspired or maybe that i aim too low to avoid disappointment. but it's definitely not it - i guess am a lot more focused now than i have ever been and i'm proud to to say that i am actually getting things done. less things. important things.

i have learned to prioritize.

and frankly, i am getting pretty damn good at it :)

i have come to realize that wanting too many things done at once is probably the best way to get absolutely nothing done. and it is such a waste of time to think anyone could multitask to that extent...

i’m not a huge expert on the matter, but when playing darts, i've been taught to aim the dart point to the area i wanted to hit. that's because when you’re not sure where you wanna hit, you get distracted and focus on many places at the same time... which will, more often than not, cause you to completely miss the target. i guess the same thing happens in life.

and i am sure we can all relate to it at some point in our lives.

we've all been there.. there's always a season in our lives in which we can’t seem to fully commit to anything.. we start new projects with lots of enthusiasm and end up quitting almost as fast as we had started.

until i decided i didn't want to keep making the same mistake over and over again.

and i guess it's all about understanding that when we choose something, we are inevitably forced to say  no  to something else.

[just in case you were wondering why i don't write on this blog all that often]

January 1, 2012


i have been neglecting this blog for the past few weeks, i know.. and i'm sorry.

the month of December was pretty hectic at work - and i really, really need to de-stress right now. with the beginning of a new year and lots of resolutions to take care of, i'll leave you with three links i'd like you to visit, so you may get to know me a little better:

old-fashioned marriage

men are all the same

success .: the making of :.

or simply keep track of my thoughts here

happy new year! feliz año nuevo! bonne année! glückliches neues Jahr! godt nyttår! gott nytt år! feliz ano novo! buon anno!