January 22, 2012

i've always loved sad stories

i am not a sad person. maybe a little bitter sometimes. but definitely not sad.
sad stories are pretty much irresistible to me, though.
and you should probably know i don't really care for happy endings.
[only in real life.] but never in movies.
they seem quite fake to me.
sometimes i feel like i need to tell people what happy endings are really like.

for happy endings to be truly happy, they often carry a little sadness within.

and i enjoy a little sadness in life.
for it is expected and imperative.
and it also has this inevitable binding force
that makes you notice the good side of life.

and i have such an ambivalent attitude when it comes to feelings.

art comes from sadness.
grace in the form of rain that washes the soul.
la tristesse vient de l'eau.

losing something you never really had can be truly heartbreaking.
and it's harder coming to terms with this kind of loss.

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  1. Many happy songs were made in sad times XD
    Maybe sadness can be reflective and makes us see what and who we really care for ^^ sweet dreams honey

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)


  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. The picture suits the post perfectly.

  5. What lovely thoughts! Yes, I think art can come from sadness, destruction and confusion sometimes. Art is a way of reconseptualizing, of building something that has not been there before.

    Just wanted you to know that I'm soon finished with my guest post/ interview of yours. I'm just working on a couple photos of drawings that would fit in :D


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