October 11, 2012

feeling crafty: felt animals

As I told you on my last post, I decided to dedicate some of my time to crafting. I started with the cute lady bug you can find on my blog button. My husband loved it :)
Here's the image, in case you're interested.
I've also found lots of cute patterns such as this one, but I decided to simplify it a bit.
This is the cat I started yesterday. I haven't had the time to finish it yet. I pretty much googled for images of cats - and as you can tell, it's not that difficult to use any kind of drawing as a pattern. I embroidered its face so it'd look exactly like the cat in the drawing.
source: cat 

October 3, 2012

getting ready for fall - part two

3. Start some craft projects. I've decided to dedicate some time during this week to start some craft projects, including some things I saw on Pinterest that absolutely inspired me.

I love the idea of decorating my baby girl's bedroom with these cute butterflies. Aren't they beautiful? I just love butterflies...
And what about these cute baby owls?? I found them here. It looks perfectly doable, doesn't it? Oh, and I love that you can download the template which makes it a lot easier for us beginners. I have already started this one. I'll be posting pictures soon :)
These are some other stuff I'd love to try sometime soon:
source: images

September 30, 2012

getting ready for fall

You know the weather has changed when one day you go off to work in the morning only to realize you have drastically underdressed. That happened to me about two weeks ago and, though there were lots of hot days in between, now I guess I can say this new season has finally come to stay.

I love cold weather - and as much as I'm a huge winter fan, I also love fall. Chilly weather, woolen blankets, beautiful colors and... rain. Who doesn't love rain? Ok, I know many people who hate it, but I personally find it invigorating, cleansing and romantic. And maybe sad, but a good sad. It is raining outside right now and I love that smell. I opened the window and it left me shivering, wishing I was wearing something a little warmer. I'll have to make sure to enjoy these few days (maybe a month) when you can still leave the windows open for a while and not freeze instantly.

So, now I know that I have to start preparing for this new life as a mom. I guess the nine months of pregnancy are probably nature's way of telling you to prepare, but many of us end up choosing not to. I was still going to work until very recently and the only thing my husband and I actually did was to prepare the home for the baby -  including clothes, of course - which is no easy task, if you ask me.

Anyway.. with this new autumn baby in the house, this brand new mom will have to learn a hundred thousand different things in the first few weeks, one of them being the ability to relax under the all-so-new extreme stressful circumstances. And that's why I felt the urge to finally start preparing for this new season in life. And I found these things might as well help:

1. I've learned in prenatal classes that exercising with a gym ball is a great way to get your pelvic floor muscles back into shape after giving birth. If that's true, it's pretty awesome because I've already bought one to help myself relax and try get back into shape sooner than later. And I find it extremely relaxing to simply sit on the ball and move my hips while watching tv. And it's nice that there are so many easy exercises you can do with it later on as well.

2. Buy different scented candles. My husband and I love them and we often light candles on the weekends after cleaning up and while having dinner. I personally love the ones we can find at Ikea. They are beautiful as decoration and they smell great (and they're so cheap!) - it is amazing how you can change the atmosphere of a room just by lighting a candle. It gives it such a welcoming feel. I often buy the pink and red ones that smell like flowers and he prefers the white vanilla scented candles. In addition to the ones we already buy, I made sure to bring some different kinds this time as well.

to be continued...

September 28, 2012

my newest obsession

nails and nail polish.
these are my most recent purchases. i desperately want to move towards something a little bolder, though, like light blue and appley green, but it's still hard for me to feel comfortable wearing these colors. does it happen to anyone else or is it just me?

these are some of the looks i love.
what do you think?

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September 23, 2012

once upon a fall...

I must say I don't really know what to expect after giving birth in terms of clothing, but I'm hoping to buy lots of it as soon as possible. My baby girl is due in three weeks and I've probably bought more clothes for her than she will ever be able to wear before she grows out of them.. but the thing is I NEED to do some serious shopping for me. I desperately need to buy myself some new clothes since my fall/winter closet is pretty much empty and/or outdated. I have already started from scratch by putting away all the items my husband and I are going to donate so I can rebuild a new wardrobe with some nice stuff that works best.

So I've been looking up photos in order to inspire my mind.

I've been looking up clothes, styles, accessories... anything to help me shop accordingly. Here are some wonderful things I found that I think could definitely work. What do you think?

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September 21, 2012

36 weeks pregnant

being pregnant is exhausting.

no, i'm not complaining - it's just a fact. doctor appointments, shopping for baby clothes, diapers, bottles, etc. and when you finally think you have pretty much everything taken care of, there's always something else to do like packing a hospital bag which i promise is NOT easy. i mean, why can't everybody just agree on what is really necessary? i can't imagine needing everything on these lists while we are at the hospital. but, since it's our first baby, well.. i guess we'll have to trust them, right?

anyway.. now i'm doing a little prep to get birth announcement cards out as soon as possible before baby arrives. i'd never thought it'd be so hard to pick out a design - there are so many cute ones online that it is so difficult for me to narrow them down.

we're so excited and hope our little girl comes soon.

September 17, 2012

this might be just what i was looking for

I thought this might be just what I was looking for—definitely new and different. What a great idea!

                                                                                                                                                              Source: weheartit.com via luisa on Pinterest

June 2, 2012

if i lived in rome...

... this is where you'd find me.

and i would speak with my hands.
purple curtains. the boldest thing ever.

source: rome