December 18, 2011


christmas is right around the corner.

and my heart is filled with anticipation.

i love this holiday season and it's always exciting to start a brand new year.

now it's time for new year's resolutions, new projects, new life.

it's easier for me to make changes happen when a new year is about to begin.

change the course of life. press reset.

the dull will say what's so special about it anyway- it is just another year. and it doesn't really change anything.

and they're right. it doesn't change anything.

we do.

just like the sun that rises every morning, i guess our minds need this psychological resetting of time every now and then.

weeks, months, seasons, years, decades. what would life be like without them?

a series of countless days

an endless night

an everlasting winter

... some people hate the cold, but everybody smiles to the first snow of the season.

December 1, 2011

a world

i love this painting.
(click to enlarge)
1929! can you believe it?
isn't it amazing?

i took this picture during my latest visit to the Reina Sofia Museum here in Madrid. oh, and people are allowed to take pictures there - just in case you were wondering :)

Portbou, 1911

Un mòn 
Un mundo
A world

Óleo sobre lienzo
Oil on canvas

is it just me or does this painting also remind you of a particular animated movie?? :)