August 5, 2011

my summer experiences: insects

Did I mention I don't really like the summer weather? I did, didn't I? Above all the sweating, and the constant need of artificial comfort (a.k.a . A/C or air conditioning), insects are the thing I hate the most about summertime. I don't think about that all the time, though. I live in the city and, fortunately, I don't have to put up with them on a daily basis. The thing is now I'm on vacation at the lake house. 

I hate insects, particularly flies. But let's not make any distinctions here. All insects are absolutely repulsive. No exceptions apply:  spiders, roaches and each and every creepy crawly creature. However, flies are beyond doubt the most stubborn creatures on the planet: one tries to kill them and while they seem to truly enjoy the game. Perhaps putting their life in jeopardy is their favorite extreme sport (adrenalin addiction, dude!) 

In any case, they're awfully irritating. In fact, as I am writing this post, there's one trying my patience here. Remember the "wherever you're going, I'm going your way"? That's pretty much this fly's motto. It has been following me all around for a while and every time I pick up the fly swatter, it simply vanishes. It's tremendously frustrating. 

A dirty little secret of mine? Though I have never seen a mouse (a real mouse, I'm not talking about hamsters or sweet little Jerry here), I don't think I would hate them as much as I hate insects. Maybe it's because they're mammals and there are so many cute characterizations of mice in cartoons and movies… Not that I would ever consider having one as a pet, but hey, maybe it's just that I never had to put up with them as a pest.  I know they carry a hundred thousand diseases in their tiny little bodies, but so do insects!

Hey, I have finally killed that fly! Mercilessly.


  1. i actually wrote a post about this yesterday :) it's funny, because I actually DON'T like mice at all, and would rather be stuck with creepy crawlies than little rodents!!


  2. what I hate about summer time and bugs is the fact my fruit gets the 'fruit bugs' which is SO HARD TO GET RID OFF!!!!

    I don't like cold fruit, but after spraying my kitchen with bug killer for 2 weekends in a row, and having to clean up all the mess... I gave up.
    Fruit in the fridge. No more fruit bugs.

  3. From an allergic buddy. I 100% agree with the lack of mercy!


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