August 11, 2011

Pepper by Shel Silverstein

I've recently bumped into a lot of things I used to love when I was younger. Among all the the silly rhyming poems and songs I was taught back then, this is probably the one I remember the most.

Always sprinkle pepper in your hair,
Always sprinkle pepper in your hair.
For then if you are kidnapped by a Wild Barbazzoop,
Who sells you to a Ragged Hag
who wants you for her soup,
She’ll pick you up and sniff you,
And then she’ll sneeze “Achooo,”
And say, “My tot, you’re much too hot,
I fear you’ll never do.”
And with a shout she’ll throw you out,
And you’ll run away from there,
And soon you will be safe at home a-sittin’ in your chair,
If you always, always, always,
Always, always, always, always,
Always, always sprinkle pepper in your hair.


Isn't it cute?


  1. really cute poem! thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Jenny. Thanks for stopping by! :P

  3. aww! that IS cute! I was always a fan of "the Giving Tree" by the same author. Isn't it great to reminisce about your childhood times? I do it all the time, but I guess it's because it hasn't been TOO long since I was actually a kid :)


  4. I didn't know that one, Flor! Thanks, it's really beautiful :P

  5. That's adorable! A great author. : )

  6. Awww! I love this! This is about the cutest thing I have read in a long time. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Aww I just can't get over it! This makes my heart happy.


  7. Hi Megan! Thank you so much for the beautiful words :)

  8. i love this. growing up i had Shel Silverstein's book, Where the Sidewalk Ends.
    it always held a special place in my heart.



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