August 4, 2011

grab my button!

Ladies and gentlemen:

I am very pleased to announce that ...
... after lots of struggling with my creative skills and with Photoshop....

... this blog finally has its own button!

It must be (so)... liberating

Please don't laugh! :) I know it is way too simple but great ideas often are, right? Besides, that's the only way I would ever be able to do it on my own: I don't like Photoshop at all and I don't know how to properly use it either. And... you know what? I'm proud of my cute little blog button! (Hey, I'm so proud!  :) I did it all by myself!).


Feel free to grab my button and put it on your blog.
You should do it. Definitely. Now! Just kidding! ... Not really. No, I'm kidding. :)

I'm so excited this blog finally has its own button!


  1. I like your cute little button! It's great, especially for someone who doesn't like Photoshop! :)

  2. woot woot! great job! its so cute.
    ohh photoshop. so dang confusing. :)



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