June 25, 2011

winter craze

Change is good. There are few things in life I appreciate more than having four different seasons during the year, though I must admit that, unlike most people, I dread the summer and its insane heat - not to mention the constant sweating and the smell on the subway.

I love winter. Love it. 

Winter is the season of new beginnings, family holidays and it is also the season I was born in. It may sound crazy, but I feel a lot more active when it's cold. And even my social life is much more intense when the cold weather comes. Lucas and I normally find refuge inside nice bars among friends with enough wine to satisfy China's thirst. We often go on short trips to snowy mountains and even to our lake house which is surprisingly more romantic during the winter with the crackling fire in the fireplace. We have chocolate con churros for breakfast still in our pajamas on the weekends. Tasty hot food. Coffee. And, well, I guess everything else feels nicer when it's cold, especially watching a movie, cuddling on the sofa with him.

Apparently, that dog fells the same way.
(photo taken somewhere near a ski slope in Madrid - not my dog, btw)

And so do the cute little ducks.
(this one was taken near our lake house) 

And so do the lions.
(Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid)

Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid
stolen from: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/3/5659570_08d504de26.jpg

Summer has barely arrived and I miss the winter already!


  1. The winter time in Norway was killingly cold this year, so I am not missing anything so soon. =) But the photographs are pretty.
    Im following and maybe youll visit me someday too.


  2. Agree. During winter we eat, dress and sleep better!

  3. Do jeito que você fala sobre o inverno, vou ter de acabar mudando de idéia e largando o outono de lado, que é a minha estação preferida... saudade de papear com você! Beijos.

  4. I love autumn and winter! Like you, I also feel more active when it's cold.

    Mmmm, chocolate con churros!


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