July 30, 2011

married life: our three month anniversary!

So it's been three months already. Time flies! 

I've heard many times people say marriage would change us. That we would become alienated from some of our friends, distant to each other. That marriage ruins everything and nothing would ever be the same again. I never worried about that, you know. If there is something in this life I'm sure of, it is the truthfulness of our relationship. And if something is to go wrong, it would be absolutely ridiculous to blame it all on marriage anyway. Still, the huge amount of time people spend on worrying about other people's stuff never ceases to amaze me. Seriously. 

Anyway... we had been living together for three years when we got married. We were very happy, but we also struggled a lot financially during that time. A lot. And, from time to time, we thought those problems would never go away. Those were really hard times. We made it through, though.

We decided we had to get married about six months earlier, and we would do it our own way. We're Christians, so we knew exactly why we were doing it. As for me, it would have been perfectly okay to get married on a Wednesday morning wearing regular clothes, because the dress and the big time celebration is not what marriage is all about for us. But again, that's us. We ended up tying the knot on a beautiful Saturday with our family and a couple of friends, a nice not-at-all-white dress and the absolute understanding of what we going for.

So, I've been a wife for three months now. Yeah!

Lucas is so proud to be married… "my wife this, my wife that" - it's so cute. . He has always been an off-the-scale good boyfriend. He has an amazing personality: he is thoughtful, good-hearted and incredibly forgiving. He is also funny, sarcastic and… very, very stubborn – those are the things that make him human, you know. :) 

I've always thought romanticism is all about being thoughtful and unselfish. He has always treated me like a princess. He offers to pick me up from work, especially on rainy days :), even if it means he will be stuck in traffic for a long time as he drives through the city center. He buys me the most delicious delicacies on his way home from the office. He cooks for me. He lets me choose almost everything we buy for the house. The thing is, since we got married, he has been surprisingly romantic. Apart from everything he has always done, he actually expresses in words how lucky he is to be married to me. So, at the end of the day, marriage did change us. For better.

A desperately cute video just to celebrate.

Seriously one of the most precious things, ever. 
Truly is what life is all about.

Here is another post about us.


  1. Buenas Luisa,

    Felicidades por tu cumplemeses de casada!!!! Me alegra un monton que estes tan feliz... un papel firmado no tiene por que cambiar una relacion a peor, sobre todo si ya has convivido con tu pareja y os conoceis bien... pero si como en tu caso lo hace a mejor... bienvenido sea!!! Felicidades de nuevo. Un beso Bea.

  2. Congratulations on 3 months! May there be many, many more to come.

    My 15 year anniversary is coming up in a week. Hard to believe - the years do kind of fly by after a while.

  3. Raphaela TavaresJuly 30, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    Que fofo Lu! Parabénsss!!!
    Que esses meses se multipliquem por décadas repletas de felicidades


  4. This post is so sweet and filled with love that it brought tears to my eyes. ♥

    I am glad you got married your way as well.

    I want a simple, quiet wedding with only my closest friends in attendance haha but that's probably not what traditional parents would want for their kids. ;)

    The Cat Hag
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  5. Que lindo Post Luisa!!!! Da pra sentir em tudo q vc escreve o qto é feliz!!!!! Feliz 3 meses!! Fiko mto mto mto feliz por vcs!!!! E q logo venham os babiesss!!! =)))) Bjaoo com saudades!!!

  6. OPssss esse recado de cima é meu!! Alessia! =P

  7. Hi, Addie.. You're right: that's probably not what traditional parents would want for their kids. hahah I'm so lucky mine were totally okay with that. They actually thought it was the greatest idea!

    Alessia, thank you so much!!! :)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am your newest follower, your blog is adorable! I haven't seen UP yet, can you believe that?! I really want to. Such a cute little clip. xo


  9. Happy anniversary! Hope you guys have a wonderful time together! : )

  10. Thank you, Sheri. And oh, you MUST see Up! It's beyond cute!!

    Thanks for the visit, Stephanie!

  11. Olá, querida:
    Li com alegria o que descreveu sobre seu casamento e vejo que isso é AMOR, amor verdadeiro que vai durar pra sempre. Me encantou quando diz que Lucas a trata como uma princesa.
    Nossos cuprimentos pelo aniversário de sua boda, e que Deus sempre os abençoe!

  12. Your Lucas sounds lovely! Happy three months. Being married is fab. Agree, I lived with my gorgeous man years before we got married and felt the wedding was what we wanted to do.

    I have been having a peek around your blog and love it. Especially your snow pics.

    Thanks for popping by to visit me.


  13. Wow! Happy 3 months newlyweds! Loved your writing style! I'm your newest fan! xox!

  14. Contests! I love my husband calling me his wife too.

  15. Thank you, girls :)

    Hey, Mary... Gosh, I'm so flattered! Thanks for the compliment! See, I actually think this comment box is the one thing that keeps me writing!

  16. This video is way too cute!

    It really is the best part of the movie. It is so beautiful it makes me nearly cry...


  17. Congratulations!! Our 5 year anniversary is on Friday and we still feel like this! I remember my husband telling me before we got married that he couldn't wait to tell people not to mess with "my wife". Still cracks me up!

  18. haha I know! That's pretty cool - and funny. :) But they are so cute when they say those things, aren't they?? Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie!

  19. Congratulations!!! Awww you guys are such a cute married couple...and I love that movie so much...so adorable I saw it in 3D :) xo

  20. Coongratulations. I wish you many many happy years to come.
    I wouldn't say that marriage is changing a relationship, but kids will. But you wouldn't regret having them either. :-) Again, all the best for your path together.

  21. Congrats on three months! I agree with Mommy's Paradise, it's not the marriage that changes you life, it's the kids!

  22. Ooops! forgot to tell you I was following from Sunday Funday!

  23. Hey, thanks for the visit!
    Though I haven't been through that yet, I totally agree with you girls. How could kids not change everything? It must be really hard at first, right?
    Anyway, I guess it's better not to worry too much about that in advance. And besides, change is inevitable in that case, isn't it? :)

    Thanks again!

  24. That's so wonderful! I think marriage has changed my husband and me for the better, also. Our first year was not so rosy, but we barely knew each other. Had we known each other better we probably wouldn't have gotten married! However, we are approaching our 10 year anniversary and I couldn't be happier.

    Enjoy each moment and take nothing for granted. What you have is beautiful.

    found you through Sunday Funday

  25. Hi, Dana. Thanks for stopping by!
    I know, our first year (maybe the second too) was not so rosy either (and we were not married, just living together). I had known him for a long time, but I moved in with him right after we started dating due to a problem I had with the roommate I was living with.
    I knew him (I thought so hehe), but I soon realized there's a huge difference between being just friends and having a relationship while living under the same roof.

    Thanks for the beautiful words!

  26. I am so excited reading your blog!!! First, you are living in my mother's home town! Secondly, you like the movie, UP! I am so excited to learn more! :)

  27. Hey, Alejandra! What's up in your world?? :P
    I'm so happy to have you as a follower! So, your mother's Madrileña; this is such an honor! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  28. Aw, congrats on three months! Marriage is so wonderful! It is such a blessing to share your life with someone else. Love that clip from UP too!

  29. Parabéns Lu, que post lindo e que lindo ver você assim tão crescida, tão mudada, tão você, tão sua!!! Parabéns por todas as realizações tuas, das realizações de vocês e que toda essa felicidade se multiplique exageradamente, felicidade e amor, nunca são demais! Adoro você.


  30. oh awesome! congratulations on three months of marriage! :)

  31. happy three months! good for you for celebrating every milestone :)

  32. congrats- whatever the length of time you've been married, I am sure it takes time and effort to make your relationship work for both of you. Luckily for you, it seems quite effortless. Happy three month anniversary and I hope many more happy times reach you!!


  33. Congrats on your marriage! I've been married eight years now and it feels like five minutes.

  34. "For better or worse
    Till death do you part"

  35. Aww, happy 3 month anniversary! you guys sound so cute! i will say i don't think our marriage changed us much either. things stayed pretty similar. it really wasn't until we had kids that our whole lives changed :)


  36. Thank you all for the beautiful words!!
    I really appreciate it :P

  37. What a sweet little movie that was! I just loved it!

    Wishing you many happy years!

  38. Textos assim me fazem recuperar a fé no amor.

  39. This is the epitome of marriage. It is so lovely to read posts like this and the movie UP is one of my favourites- especially the scene where Carl & Ellie are old.

    Thank you

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