July 21, 2011

I hate cooking. (there, I said it! Again.)

Do you know what people say about small mistakes having huge consequences?

We often eat lunch slowly while talking and watching the news. The thing is, yesterday, when we started clearing the table and walked in the kitchen (the kitchen door had been closed), there was so much smoke we could barely see though it. We had left the pan with cooking oil on a hot burner. We opened the windows, burned scented candles, left vinegar on a bowl... basically tried everything we knew to make that horrid smell go away.

I have never been responsible for any major kitchen unpleasant incidents before, you know - well, except this once that I left a sandwich in the microwave for too long many years ago. It wasn't fun either and it probably caused the kitchen to smell just as bad. Burnt bread smells like... well, burnt bread. But that's not the point. The point is I hate cooking. I've said it before, I know that. Only now I know I'm not alone: I've just ran into an article about this old book for people like me. However, I don't think any kind of self-help literature could ever change my innate anti-cooking feelings...

And I am not sure I'd like them to change to begin with.

I actually believe people like me must speak out!

Stand up, cooking haters! Fear not!
Say it loud and proud: I hate cooking!  

I remember the first time my friend M. came to visit me after I had moved out from my parent's house. This happened many years ago and I used to have this very hectic schedule then. I worked long hours and the busyness of life didn't leave much time for me to worry about food. She is an awsome cook and I told her I managed to get by without cooking that much. I also told her I was used to eating out most of the time and that I bought lots of frozen foods too. But when I said I didn't even know how to make plain white rice, she was so shocked she couldn't stop laughing at me. She took me by the hand to the nearest supermarket, bought some rice and chicken and taught me how to cook my first meal. 

And that's how I ended up cooking the same meal almost everyday for over a month, so proud I was of my new cooking skills. :)

But I quickly got tired of it and went back to my unhealthy non-cooking habits.

Not that my mother didn't cook, just in case you're wondering. Of course she did. She still is the best cook on the planet, you know. But I never wanted to have anything to do with the kitchen. And by the time I moved out, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give my cooking skills a minus 3. I guess nowadays it'd something like a 2. :)

Anyway, I hope the Ghost of Cooking Future won't be haunting us much longer.


  1. Cooking rocks.
    Be careful with oil. Big troublemaker in the kitchen.
    Is this book any good?

  2. I have no idea, honey. I'm not planning to read it anyway :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Haha! I love the honesty! I refused to learn how to cook until about 3 years ago. I got tired of eating out, and figured I'd give it a whirl. Some days though...I just don't bother and end up opening a can of soup. : )

  4. Miss you cousin, all I want now is go to the pier with you and eat a potato portion and some beers, with a guy playing john mayer on the guitar :p what do you think bye bye lvoe youuuuu

  5. Sometimes food is best enjoyed, and the preparing left for somebody else to do, right? Gracias por los lindos deseos en honor de mi cumpleaños!


  6. I would cook more if I didn't have to clean :)

  7. Too funny! Stopping by to say HI! You stopped by my blog the other day! :)


  8. Hilarious, there are few things I like less than cooking!


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