October 5, 2011

luck: a NYC proposal

A friend shared this beautiful video on Facebook some weeks ago and I must have spent over 20 minutes googling just to find it again.

You should watch it. Actually, you must do it right now. Seriously. :)


  1. Awww! This is the cutest video EVER! It almost mad me cry that one! Thank you so much for sharing! (I'm going to show that to my bf now, to show how a proposal should be carried out ;D

  2. I'll watch it tomorrow! I promise!
    I have just come home, and I need to go to bed NOW. I'm too tired!
    But I promise I'll watch the video tomorrow!

  3. So sweet! What a great video! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing, what an AWESOME video. I loved it.

  5. Ok, now I've watched it!
    It's so sweet!
    I love it!
    I'm going to post it too, if you don't mind!

  6. @ Chloe Of corse I don't mind! Great things like that are meant to be shared! (Oh, and I'm so happy you came back!)

    @ Stephanie and @ Bri, thank you so much for stopping by! Always good to see you here! :)

  7. That is so sweet!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Woah, is it weird that I have no luck at all too? I mean it's so bad that I've avoided practically three car accidents that could've been BAD within like the last month, when I think reallllyy hard that I don't want something to happen it happens (i.e. dropping my load of laundry,) and I never seem to lose weight when I try so hard..? haha, but really, I'm thinking my luck could change once I meet someone amazing...
    Plus, I totally cried when he proposed... SO SWEET, and it's probably because I had a weird connection with all the unluckiness. :) haha.
    Thanks for sharing, I may have to share it too.. AND thank you for the comment on my blog!!! You're so sweet!! :)
    -Lauren *The Loud Whisper*

  9. Thank you for stopping by, Lauren. I thought this video was so incredibly beautiful... a story I couldn't help but share! :) I'm glad you thought so too!

    I think that when we find the one we love, it's not so much that our luck changes, but probably that we start looking at life in a whole different way. What do you think??

    Thank you for the beautiful words!

  10. Loved the video and so appropriate since it's our 34th wedding anniversary. (Insert tears for the video message here.) I'm visiting from Window on the Prairie blog.

  11. 34th wedding anniversary? That's awesome! Congratulations, Becky!

  12. Oh my gosh that was soo good! I hope no one noticed me tearing up at my desk watching this! I so have to post this on my blog! Thanks for sharing!

  13. The video has remove. Do u have a copy?

    Thanks a lot


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