October 7, 2011

fill in the blank friday

1.   Something popular that I can't stand/just don't "get" is    gossip, particularly in the workplace. It is such a huge waste of time and productivity, not to mention it's absolutely wrong and creates a bad atmosphere in the office   .
2.   Something unpopular that I secretly love is   Friday or Saturday night movie sessions in our living room instead of going out . 
3.  When I've had a bad day I   don't talk much. And when I do, I complain a lot   . (not very nice, huh?)
4. I'd prefer   going on a date with my husband   to    happy hour    any day.
5.  Something that makes me nervous is   Sunday night blues reminding me the weekend is about to end  .
6.  Something worth fighting for is   marriage. Marriage is something that I take very seriously and something that I work very hard at. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work   . (I'm not in creative mode right now. I'm copying Lauren's #6, shamelessly!)
7.  When people think of me, I hope they think   "Wow, this girl rocks! She is a faithful Christian, happily married and she does great at her job. She's such a good friend and wife."  .

Link up with the little things we do.
I did.  :)


  1. I love your #7, very cool!

  2. Here's a new fun one: I'm seeing beautiful today in _________________________________.

  3. Thank you, @ Bri. Alway good to see you here!

    haha, @ Lydia. Great one indeed! I'm seeing beautiful today in... the chilly weather. I love nature and its seasons!

  4. Good ones! I totally agree with you on the Sunday night blues one. : P
    Have a great weekend!

  5. ah #1. it's so weird. i was certain that when i finished school i'd go into the work world and meet professionals.. but.. no. adults are just as immature as the most immature kids. it happens in all sorts of work environments. gossip, clicks.. so crazy! not everyone is like that, of course.. it's just amazing how many people are.

  6. @A Lost Feather Oh, I know that. I started working longer before I graduated from college, so maybe that's why I didn't have that unpleasant surprise you mentioned.. you know, thinking you'd meet professionals. Nope.. it actually looks like most of them are still in high school sometimes. And they just don't get how somebody would choose not to join them - as if now I was the weirdo. It's unbelievable haha. Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so flattered - your blog rocks!


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