October 23, 2011

get your motor running & head out on the highway

this is one of the 100+ osborne bull billboards you may find alongside major highways in Spain. 
some european sites and cities are better portrayed in black and white. 
our first stop: córdoba. i had already been there once, but i guess i'll never get tired of it. 
i encourage you all to pack your bags and go road tripping somewhere in your country. 
it is a great way to spend a weekend, if you can't afford to be away for an entire week or longer. 

and make sure not to over plan your trip - it spoils the fun.


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I love Cordoba :) And Granada.
    They are some of my favorite places!
    Glad you enjoyed your road trip!

  2. May I say that the second collage is amazing? I love how all the photos are B&W except for the middle one! Love it! Gives me an idea for my collages!

  3. Thank you, girls!

    @Chloe, I'm sorry we didn't meet in Sevilla. I was there for only one night and we ended up going out with my family. I'm so sorry - I felt absolutely guilty for not saying anything... I'm not like that at all, I swear :/ Can you forgive me?? :)

    @Ashlyn, you're so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm not an expert, but picasa and photobucket definitely are! :P It always good to see you around!

  4. Oh so fun! Those pictures are gorgeous and you're right about sharing them in black and white. Wow, I'm ready for a road trip!

  5. Those pics are beautiful. Love how b&w images just capture the mood so well. Oh! I so badly want to go to Cordoba - I've heard so much about it being an artist town. What did you think of it?

  6. Hi there, @Halina
    Córdoba is beautiful, but I wouldn't spend more than a day there.. (but hey, that's me).. If your coming to the south of Spain (which I totally recommend even tough I must admit I am a lot more of a northern girl), make sure you visit Sevilla (which was my next stop - you'll see pictures :P), Granada and Sierra Nevada.

  7. ahh i agree completely. road trips need to stay unplanned and spontaneous. i love roadtripping through california. india is a different matter though, haha :)

  8. Luisa, these pictures are so great- especially the bull! I totally agree with you about taking small trips. I'm going on a mini road trip in Belgium and the Netherlands in just a couple weeks!

  9. Beautiful photos! I love taking weekend trips to a favorite destination or a place I've never been before.

    Have a wonderful week!


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