October 21, 2011

the cure for anything

sometimes wisdom comes in small packages. 

or is that beauty? :) no, i'm kidding. 

this quote is so simple and yet so... true.

and - to me - that's pretty much the recipe for an 'accomplished' life: hard work,  emotions and the natural beauty that makes you look up and wonder about the world Maker.

(we're still road tripping honeymooning all through the south of Spain - 
we'll be back next week with lots of stories and some pictures. stay tuned :P)

source: photo


  1. Wisdom is beauty and beauty is wisdom. At least in my view of life. And I'm also definitely with you on hard work and commitment and pondering about existence as a way to feel alive!

    Have a lovely day- can't wait to see those honeymoon photos! :)

  2. By the way: I LOVE Spain! But I've already said that didn't I?

  3. Very true and very well said. Simplicity gives sense to life.
    Hope you have an amazing time - enjoy each minute of it! Take care.

  4. oooh! honeymooning in the south of spain? that sounds neaaaattt! enjoy, ma-dear- i'm sure you're having a blast!!

    xo flor

  5. I love this! I can't wait to hear about your trip!


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