October 24, 2011


after we left córdoba, we kept heading south.  our next stop was seville.  it really is an amazing city!   extremely hot in the summer and not as cold for most of us during the winter, seville is one of the most beautiful cities i have ever been to.  i've always loved it so much...  and there was a time when i wanted to live there, but i guess i'm more of a northern girl myself.   

i'm not a great photographer;  i really wish i was, so i could manage to capture every single beautiful thing with my camera.  however, there are so many pictures i wanted to share with you that i thought i might as well put them all together in a short video (thank you so much, iMovie!)

these are all photos we've taken while we were there, except for the one of the bridge at night and the old postcard with the same bridge.  you'll also see the guadalquivir river, which is one of the biggest rivers in the country - it crosses all andalusia from east to west.  on the other side of that beautiful bridge (there are other nice and modern bridges, but this one is the most important and probably the most beautiful one), you'll find a very famous gipsy neighborhood in its origins.  it's obviously a lot less expensive than the city center.  see, when i'm traveling, i always try to avoid eating too close to the city center, or at a place where i can only spot tourists.  i often see if i can find bars and restaurants where there are lots of locals eating.  and triana is the very best neighborhood to find these places.

in this neighborhood, people are so proud to live there and they have such a feeling of identity with it that most of the small businesses you can find there all have pretty much the same name:  triana bar,  triana hotel, triana beauty salon, triana restaurant, etc.  and there was also this small chinese shop called something like xiao mei zhou which lucas is one hundred percent sure it means something like triana chinese shop... :)   


  1. Lovely slideshow! You should try filming a little, that would be so cool! I'm planning on making some short films on my stay in Spain soon and put them on vimeo.

    It looks like a wonderful city! I also try to avoid crowded areas with many tourists, but then again... I'm a tourist myself. :D

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) Thanks for sharing :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  3. Thanks for the slideshow!
    It made me feel proud of my city! :)
    Seville is such a beautiful city, although I hate summers! They are unbearable.

  4. I have often heard of Seville and always want to visit it some day - Thanks for this first glimpse - Imagine you are enjoying yourself!!!

  5. I loved watching your slideshow! Very cool. And...now I want to travel in Spain. :)

  6. Great pictures! I've always wanted to visit Spain!

  7. Pretty pictures!
    Just want to let you know you are a finalist....thought you might want to spread the word:)

  8. oh- i love sevilla. i am so jealous. i lived in spain for a year (granada) and made it to sevilla about 3 times. soooo beautiful.


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