October 8, 2011

what if i wasn't a mortgage analyst...

... and decided to do something else instead?  

don't get me wrong: i love my job.  it's just sometimes i find myself thinking about life and its endless possibilities

what if i had become an artist instead?  (not that i've got any hidden talents whatsoever.  just please consider it a merely hypothetical thing)

if i could choose another job, any job, i'm sure it would be something that required just a little more creativity than pressing a bunch of buttons on a keyboard.  maybe something related to arts in general, like screenwriting or acting.  or maybe i'd even pursue a career as a music producer.  then i'd put lady gaga out of business with the blink of an eye and unveil hundreds of more talented people like adele. 

i'd most certainly choose something fresh and fun and i'd definitely travel all around the world for work - that'd be a great experience! 

i could also work as a private investigator.  who wouldn't like to do that?  it must be the least boring job ever!  i'd be chasing unfaithful wives, big time stuck up politicians and small time crooks trying to make a living.  it'd be so exciting!  i'd finally learn how ridiculously wealthy actors manage to go broke.  i'd also be able to successfully suppress my urge to be an artistic photographer by taking pictures with telephoto lenses and remote triggers.  i'd find the time to read the newspaper from cover to cover while waiting for my victim to step inside the restaurant with his mistress, not to mention i'd get to wear classy trench coats and big sunglasses.  fun!

bed-and-breakfast owner.  that's what i'm gonna be.  when we move to a small town to the north of spain, we'll buy a big house made of stone. we'll live a peaceful life close to the woods and have enough money so we don't freak out we don't have that many guests.  

but all my friends have normal jobs.  except, maybe one. remember that episode of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. when they were playing a game about who knew each other best and nobody knew what Chandler did for a living?  that's my friend S.  i thought i might have a general idea of what she does, but i couldn't find a name for it.

i had to call her this morning cause it's her birthday [happy birthday, S.!] and i took the opportunity to ask the question.

- well, she said, i used to be a private equity executive, but now i'm a consultant. 
- could you be just a little more specific?
- i solve problems and create opportunities. 
- right, right..  

it must be awesome to do something even your friends can't understand.  i mean, it's like.. super secretive stuff, the female version of clark kent.  whatever it is, she's very good at it!  she loves what she does and she obviously makes unbelievable amounts of money.  she probably works 26 hours a day, which is not that cool, but she's always flying here and there to compensate.  i admire her so very much.

any dream jobs?


  1. You inspired me!
    I had been thinking about this for some days... and now look! you just posted what I was thinking about!
    Maybe I'll write a post about my dream job or what I want my life to be like. :) Maybe. If I have time!

  2. Thanks, Chloe! :) I'd love to read that post!

  3. Writer, FBI agent, doing pottery or ceramics, psychologist, it depends on the day! HAHA! I actually am an artist and graphic designer and I dream of other jobs too! : ) I think it's good to be open to all possibilities!

  4. FBI agent! How did I not think of that!? :) And psychologist - that's what I majored in. And ended up working for a bank instead. That's life: fascinating!

  5. That's a creative post! I used to love the show Alias where Jennifer Garner played a CIA agent trying to bring down a bad part of the CIA org. She kicked butt in that show! Realistically, I'd be a writer and painter. : )

  6. Sheri, I loved that show!! I was so sad when I thought her bf was dead.. haha. But that's definitely a cool job and certainly not boring! :P

  7. You mentioned your post the stock up politicians...well alhtough I'm not stock up, neither hope I become one, my dream job: POLITICS, whether at the local level or the federal level. You know there are some of us who actually want to make a difference for the people, not just for ourselves :)

  8. For years I've wanted to own a B&B, but I think I'm going off the idea a bit now with all the red tape you have to wade through to have one. I just like the idea of being hospitable and having lots of people to stay!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  9. @Vivian Oh, I know that. I said I'd be chasing stuck-up politicians and unfaithful wives. I'm a wife and I'm not unfaithful. I know there are politicians who really want to make a difference - but I wouldn't have to investigate that one, if I were a private investigator. :)

    @Rachel I know, here in Spain it is pretty hard to have one too; but I like the idea so much I'd probably go through all the bureaucracy to have it.

  10. I know this "what if feeling" sooo well! At some point in time it started to constantly haunt me: "what if I was better with art?" "What if I could pour all my time into it and become really great" "What if I don't even find an interesting job when I'm finished with my degree". I'm telling you... these thoughts drives one absolutely nuts.

    Do go nuts! At some point in time I know you'll do what you dream of. I know your that kind of girl. Let it be alone moving to the country side :D

  11. You're always so nice, @Halina!
    Thank you for the beautiful words :)

  12. Dreaming about other jobs - this is my day to day life! Writer, Counsellor, Teacher is a small country town, B&B owner (OH Yes), CIA agent (this is more when I let my imagination wander in other lands), Reflexology Therapist. Really I have mountains of jobs I would love to do - Now set up for one could be very cool!!

  13. @MarieHarmony At first, when I was reading your comment, I thought you'd said you actually owned a B&B and I was about to turned green with envy :)
    Working for the CIA must be pretty cool - I guess I'll have to add it to my list. :)

  14. I definitely share in this feeling a lot! At the moment, I'm dog walking part time while attending grad school. I truly enjoy the work I do even if I feel like it isn't as challenging or career-oriented as I would like. And a lot of other people are always telling me to apply for something else, but I like having the opportunity to volunteer in my spare time, to get exercise while I work, to not have any stress from my job.

    But then I also have times where I think about changing my educational track entirely.... there are just too many options out there to choose from!

    A friend recently told me that she read a study saying this generation will probably average 6-7 careers in a lifetime as opposed to their parent's 1-2. That gives me some hope! Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry for such a long comment I just really enjoyed this post and it inspired a lot of thoughts for me!

  15. @Laura Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this post! :)
    When it comes to blogging, there's nothing I enjoy better than reading the comments people leave here. It's their way of saying they care - thank you so much!

  16. I've never met anyone (actor, artist, trader, doctor or otherwise) who didn't ask the question "What if I'd been a..." For me that question always comes when I plateau and don't feel challenged enough by my work. Just keep an open heart and never feel stuck in a profession for any reason. Know that there are people who'd love to have the job you have now, and at the same time endless possibilities are open to you!


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