October 16, 2011

... and that's why I love small town life

I'm on vacation this week... much needed! Yayyy! We're planning to go road tripping through the south of Spain. Cool!

We have already started our trip, by the way.

I'm at my in-laws'. And I love to come here. As I said before, my husband grew up in a small town. We have so many friends here and we all meet at the same bar, with the same friends and order much of the same things every time.

And the stories.. I love the 'small town' stories.

So, we're at the bar and this guy walks in. He greets pretty much everybody, talks to the barman and leaves. Our friends say:

- Did you see A.?
- Yep. What about him?
- Haven't you heard? He spent a night in jail some months ago.
- He did?! What did he do?
- He took a toy gun, covered his face up and tried to rob the bank next to the post office.
- No way! His dad works there!
- I know, that's why they caught him. He walked in and said: 'I have a gun! Everybody down! Oh, except you, dad...'

(They all swear it is a true story. 'See, A. is a nice guy, they told us. He didn't mean any harm. It was April fools day')


  1. Delicious. Touring Spain is on my list of things to do before... well, I don't know. My list of things to do after the other things.

    Kudos, darling.


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by, @Courtney.

  3. I've never been so jealous of people who live in small towns as I am now.

  4. hahahahah HILARIOUS! Enjoy your vacation!!!

  5. Enjoy your days off! Nothing better than a good lunch in a small town - This makes me want to move right away!

  6. Lucky you being in Spain, I am a little bit green with envy!Funny story too;)

    Love your blog, and you should definitely try out Berlin;)


  7. Hahaha! This story is so hilarious! Can't believe that guy really tried to rob that bank :D I'm glad to hear you've traveled back home to that small town. S. and I are also from two small charming towns, right beside each other! As you've probably noticed, I love it to go back there once in a while :D

  8. What a great story!! I'm following you too by the way :) Checked out your blog after you posted the comment. Thanks so much for reading and looking forward to hearing all about you!
    -Laura Elmer


  9. That is one of the best things I've ever read :) I grew up in a smaller town and I love the characters you come across!


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