August 17, 2011

crab fishin'

Though we prefer going to the lake house during the winter, we usually spend our summer vacations there too. This year wasn’t any different. 

The thing I like the most about going there is all the nature and wildlife that surround us. (I should bring the camera with me more often, so I don't miss anything. Last week we bumped into a curious, supercute squirrel standing on a tree branch. It was staring at us just waiting for me to take its picture... but, of course, I didn't have the camera with me.)

There’s another thing, though, that I love to do during the summer there: crab fishing. There are, basically, two different ways to do that:
1.) With a baited handmade fishing pole Lucas so professionally designed (that could easily take China out of business with the blink of an eye, but we are just way too kind to do that) using a tree branch, some electric wire, a small stone (to make sure the bait won’t float) and a paper clip as a hook. And some Spanish sausage as bait (sic! It works :P).

our professional fishing equipment
2.) Using a crab net; which is not that fun, in my opinion, since it is a much more passive kind of activity.

It all consists in luring the crabs with the sausage. They seem to be always hungry, so that’s quite easy. When they finally come close to the bait, I usually pull the string just a little so that the cute little crab goes “Hmm, my dinner is about to escape, but I’m much smarter. I’m gonna grab it and eat it up like a savage before it even knows what hit it!”. And well, as I always say, persistence is sometimes only stubbornness.


  1. fascinating! now THAT'S fresh food!

  2. That sounds really fun. And I would love the eating part that came later!

  3. Hello, Luisa,
    Thank you for visiting my blog at Some of the pictures are blocked, but I get the idea that you caught crab using sausage bits. Is Lucas your husband? He is good with making the pole for fishing! The Lord blessed you with a skilled husband, I think!
    Have a wonderful day, and don't worry too much right now about homemaking skills; just attempt to learn a little at a time.
    Grace and peace to you,

  4. Those little crabbies look so cute!

    Hehe, and fishing is just such a relaxing and fun activity. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. Mmmmm tasty! Hahah

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

  6. I use a crab basket &/or trap when I go crabbin'. We use old turkey necks or chicken necks for bait...let them get a little stinky because crabs like to eat dead things. I've never tried sausage!!

    Oh, I like the passivity of the crab basket because it frees up more time to drink beer. ;-)

  7. crab fishing sounds like so much fun! i love eating crab. when we went on a houseboat a few years back one of the guys fished with some cheese, a safety pin and dental floss. he actually caught a catfish! it was pretty cool!

  8. Hey, Dana. Thanks for stopping by. What you said about the free time to drink beer.. now I get why my husband always picks the crab basket instead of the pole! Now it all makes sense :)

    And Claire.. cheese and dental floss? C'mon! Really?? You guys are rock stars!!! I must try that - even if it's only for the sake of telling the story!

  9. Crabbssss!!! Yay! Love the videos. xox!

  10. Very cute! I've always wanted to try eating crawdads.


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