July 13, 2011

our honeymoon · Copenhagen

As I told you before, we spent our honeymoon in Scandinavia. I said I would write more about it and well... here it is!

The only plans we made for our trip were to buy plane tickets and make a reservation for a hotel in Copenhagen, since we were surely going to spend at least three days there and also, because it was going to be the first nights of our honeymoon, we wanted something nice. :)

Nyhavn canal

old buildings
our hotel in Copenhagen (this image is from their website)

Copenhagen really is a beautiful city. I loved the colorful old buildings facing the canals, the old boats, the people. Danish people are sooo laid back and they all seem to have bicycles. Some of them ride big black old-fashioned bikes... super charming! Those people actually wear a suit and cycle to work! I mean, I don't think I could ever do that but, hey.. that's me. Of course in my world suits and bicycles kinda clash, but I'd be just a little more concerned with the smell, you know... :)

Anyway, they park their bikes outside their offices, coffee shops, apartment buildings, etc, which is also interesting, because when there are no bicycle parking u-racks, they simply leave them leaning on the building walls. No locks. 

Isn't it cute?

* images taken from copenhagencyclechic.com

the bakery we had breakfast at

This was only the beginning of our trip. I loved Copenhagen and we have great memories of this place, such as having breakfast at this nice bakery in the city center (should have taken a picture of their cupcakes, though). However, the best part was yet to come: our road trip through Sweden and Norway.


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  2. Que lugar tan precioso! I don't know if you speak Spanish, but I'm guessing you do. And may I just say that I am so jealous of the Spanish accent! Anyways, copenahgen seems like a splendid place. Lovely photos. Xoxo Flor

    Ps I am already following you.

  3. Thank you, Jenny!

    And Flor, I do speak Spanish and it really is a beautiful language, isn't it?! Thanks for following me here, honey! Un besito! :P

  4. Luisa!!!! Que bonito y que recuerdos... a mi tambien me impacto bastante lo de las bicis, debajo de las marquesinas esas bajo las que aparcan parecia haber cientos y cientos de bicis y esas en las que llevan a los peques son super chulas!!! que por cierto, un dia caminando por Serrano vi una!!! Seguire tu viaje... aunque me hagas leerlo en ingles.... un beso!!! Bea.

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  6. Que sorpresa, Bea!

    Me alegro de que te pasarás por aquí más veces.
    Gracias! :)

    Un besito!

  7. What a wonderful place to honeymoon! all those beautiful buildings...

    I'm over from blogher. I'm your newest follower :)

  8. renxkyoko iglesias here! vb

    Hey, I'm having a hard time commenting here.

    Anyways, wonderful photos ! My father had been there so we have a bunch of photos of Copenhagen in our albums.

  9. Thank you so much for visiting - love your photos and your beautiful words and cannot wait to see more!

  10. Oh gosh! I am so excited for you guys...and I wish I could be packed in your suitcase!

  11. oh my goodness. how BEAUTIFUL! wow! that looks like an incredible trip!
    and that bread? YUM!
    i'd never really thought of copenhagen as a big destination...but now it is on my places to see list! :)

    thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Megan :)

  12. great photos. love 1st one


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