June 4, 2011

wild honeymoon

When I told my parents we were going to spend our honeymoon in Scandinavia, my mom's first reaction was something like "And why the hell would you do that?". She was totally convinced I was forcing my future husband to pack for a trip he didn't really want to take. If only she knew.. I guess it came from the idea I would be freezing up there and maybe also that she just never thought we would choose Scandinavia. Not that I think she already had further thoughts in this matter anyway, but I guess she would expect me to say we had chosen the Caribbean or maybe some other european city we hadn't visited yet. Just like everybody else we know, I guess.

Well, I love traveling (it just ocurred to me I totally forgot to include traveling in my sweet things post. Shame!). But I don't just love traveling. I actually think it's absolutely necessary for my mental and spiritual health. Really. Nobody knows human nature until they've got to know many different kinds of people from different places. People are not the same everywhere, though they tend to behave really alike in small towns. The smaller the city is, the more likely people try not to stand out. Maybe they're just trying to avoid gossip - there's a lot more gossip in small towns than in big cities. I digressed a lot, didn't I?

We almost never plan our trips. I remember one holiday we had decided to go to the south of France and we ended up in Lisbon instead. We are spontaneous people and I love it. I'm a freaking sagittarius, for God's sake! I need the adventure so I can be alive! Thank God Lucas loves that too. I even suspect he's somehow related to Indiana Jones or something. Anyway, we decided we would only book the fligths and that's it. Just like we always do. My friends freaked out (how could we do that on our honeymoon?), though my parents this time just nodded as they always do because they are pretty much used to that already.

We rented cars and lived like gypsies for two weeks. We almost had to sleep in the car one really cold night (I'll write about it in a future post) and yet I'm pretty damn sure ours was the best freaking honeymoon ever!!! So you not-yet-married guys can quit trying to beat us already! :P


  1. É meio que óbvio que seria uma aventura, vc sempre foi assim, acho que em todos os lugares que vc esteve, teve algum tipo de aventura e situações inusitadas. sempre teve coisas interessantes para contar. Adoreiiiiii. mal posso esperar para saber o resto....

  2. you should try diving somewhere in Europe, where the waters are clear as... water?

  3. de passagem prima...te adoro um beijaoo ^^ saudades..aventureiros são os poucos que se aventuram nesse mundo de aventuras :p

  4. Eu fui (e ainda sou) chamado de louco, cult, intelectual, esquisito e outros adjetivos que me soam mais como elogio do que como crítica por ter escolhido ir para a Bolívia e para o Peru, bem na época do Carnaval.

    Como se Carnaval tivesse alguma importância na minha vida. Pelo menos o conceito que algumas pessoas tem dele aqui no Brasil. Nesse mochilão eu conheci lugares, culturas e situações que nem um milhão de micaretas poderiam me proporcionar. E o melhor: sem qualquer ziriguidum infernizando a minha vida.

  5. Eu odeio o ziriguidum! Bom, disso você já sabe. Abaixo o ziriguidum!

    E contarei mais da viagem porque foi muito legal mesmo. Aliás, conte um pouco da sua também. Espero seu email.


  6. Uhuuu Escandinavia??!! Que viagem show!!! Depois posta umas fotos?? Bjinhusss!!!!

  7. HAHA! I really hope you liked Norway, and that the weather wasn't too bad when you were here!!


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