July 9, 2011

flying ninja cookie eaters

These boys took a while to find us. We started feeding them months ago and now they come asking for food every single day. You see, most dogs aren't that obvious when they're hungry: they come to our living room window and make enough noise to make sure we know a) that they're there and b) that it's time for lunch. It's a shame I haven't been able to put it on video yet (I guess they have camera fright - these videos were taken from another room thanks to the power of zooming).

We usually feed them bird food and crumbs, but I thought it would be interesting to give them one whole cookie this time.

This is what happened:

And then this:

They're just like kids!


  1. haha aww that was so cute! that little bird was trying so hard and then that other one just swooped in and grabbed it. such is life. :)
    thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
    we are following eachother now! yay!


  2. I know! It was so desperately cute!! I have an amazing time with my birdies here :)

  3. THAT is funny.

    ANd the added bonus of my 3 boys loving it.

  4. Thank you - I'm so glad they liked it! :)

  5. Adorei Lu... só você mesma.

  6. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  7. Now I won't be able to have cats anymore, Rafa :P

  8. Poor little guy! Cute videos though!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog all the way from Spain! The internet is such an amazing thing!

  9. It really is, isn't it?
    I wonder if the world now seems smaller to younger people because of internet :)

  10. hello! Here I am , renxkyoko iglesias!

    Hey, uhm, I'm just curious, how did you find my blog? I usually check out the tag surfer and read the blogs posted there.

    You're from Madrid ! At long last, a Spaniard ! My great grandfather came from Spain.... Sta. Maria de la Nueva, Segovia , Spain. So, I can say, I have some roots there, hahaha.

  11. I love that the bird founds a way to work with cookie!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Your videos are so cute :)


  13. Hahaha, poor little bird. They ARE just like kids, aren't they?

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today, nice to meet you Luisa! It's always lovely to connect with bloggers in different parts of the world.

  14. Cute video! I loved reading through your posts tonight. I want my husband to make tapas!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding new blogs to read!

  15. that is so dang cute and funny! and i agree, totally like kids:)

    thanks for stopping by my blog today! you have a new reader too:) i'm a follower even! have a good evening...well if its night over there, which it probably isn't. i don't know how time zones go:)its midnight here and i'm stupid for being up this late!! lol

  16. that is too cute!
    thanks for stopping by a few days ago!

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  18. Awww! that's so cool that you captured this :) You just got a new follower! Perhaps you'll visit me sometime?



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