July 3, 2011

wms with lovely tapas

We had a great time yesterday. I enjoyed every minute of what was destined to be a dull Saturday. As I've told you before, I am a winter type of person and when summer arrives, I get a little more bitter than usual (I know I'm weird), especially because we live 350 km away from the nearest beach - not that I love going to the beach, but it is definitely the most effective way of putting up with our Spanish summer. However, the second and more practical option is to live inside a heatproof apartment with our powerful air-conditioning system always on - I am pretty sure this machine of ours could cool entire cities! 

Anyway, yesterday we decided to pretend it was snowing pretty heavily outside and we watched a movie cuddling on the sofa, with my favorite kind of wine and these homemade tapas my husband carefully prepared for our weekend movie session. Isn't he the cutest?

I don't care for action movies all that much. As for John Travolta, I'm voting for this look instead of his usual shaved face. Bad boy.


  1. Essa simples fotinho me causou água na boca!
    Deve ter sido um sábado bem gostoso! Adoro a liberdade de não ter horários e compromissos, em boa companhia e com comidinhas gostosas!

  2. Maybe we can follow each other? http://www.fashionmechic.com/

  3. I am soooo not a winter person. But then, our winters here are so cold and unceasing! 10 degree high Fahrenheit for an entire month, if we are so lucky that it is that warm. Yuck.

    Those tapas look delicious. You are so lucky to have a man who has a clue in the kitchen. Yummm. Wishing you a fun relaxing Spanish summer :)

  4. Hey girls!

    Thanks Eli, I do love these kind of things, just like you! And, by the way, thanks for the invitation you sent in the mail. Etiquette says it totally demands response :)

    Kasia (I guess that's your name), thanks for having stopped by! And yep, my man does cook. Ain't that awsome? I'm the clueless one in the kitchen, but I keep trying not to set fire to the apartment :) Oh, I know winters there are pretty intense: I wish I had that! It is soooo damn beautiful! (I know I am weird!)

  5. Yes, it's Kasia :) That IS awesome! I have to share sometime the story about why mine is banned from the kitchen. We could trade places, I hate winters.

  6. Please do! Can't wait - I'm guessing it's gonna be fun fun fun :)

  7. What a cozy Saturday! I love nights like that. Good food, a bottle of wine, my man and a movie. :) Love your blog, by the way!

  8. Totally! Isn't that great, Jami? And all the girls who commented on this post are sooo blessed to have that :)

    Thanks everyone. You rock! :P

  9. YUM! that dinner looks fabulous. you should post some recipes! :)


  10. Yummy yummy tapas! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. What a wonderful evening! I went to tapas restaurant recently and had the best meal.

  12. What an INCREDIBLE honeymoon. My jaw is literally on the floor. I would DIE to do something like this for ours next year! These are memories that will last your entire life for sure!



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