June 26, 2011

wms: our weekend movie sessions

Lucas and I don't always seem to have the same taste in movies. And because he is the download freak in this house, my job is to select the ones that deserve to be in our weekend movie sessions.

The thing is yesterday he bumped into a movie he had seen many years ago. I normally try not to read the summaries before watching a movie because I do judge books (and movies) by their covers, you know. Shallow grave is a lame title, c'mon! But he said it was good and... well, I decided to give it a chance, though I must admit I first thought of green monsters and zombies as in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Don't get me wrong: I like his videoclips but, in this case, my plan was not to spend and hour and a half watching zombie ninja moves. Except it was nothing like that at all! 

SHALLOW GRAVE (1994) «« thriller
Three roommates living in a four-bedroom apartment are trying to find the perfect tenant for their empty room. After lots of unconventional interviews, they finally agree on one of them. They give him a key, the guy moves in, locks his door and well... that's when the most unexpected things happen.

It's not like it deserves an Oscar or anything, but I thought it was totally worth the time invested. A surprisingly young Ewan McGregor is already a very good excuse to watch it.  


  1. Nunca tinha ouvido falar nesse filme mas pareceu bem interessante. Vou procurar! ;o)
    Se me permite uma sugestão, caso você não tenha assistido ainda: "Não me abandone jamais" (Never let me go), de Kazuo Ishiguro.

  2. Vou procurá-lo agora mesmo!

  3. Suas sugestões são sempre bem vindas, pra mim, você nunca errou ao sugerir as séries e filmes... adooooro. Já assistiu Simplesmente Complicado? Não é nada demais, mas eu dei boas risadas...rs.


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