May 27, 2011

you humble me, dust!

Anyone who truly enjoys the magical sensation of having your beloved house recently cleaned would understand me here. How is it even possible that one hasn't even sat down on the sofa for like... five minutes after doing the cleaning and, suddenly, spots this live, new born speck of dust lying around?

There is absolutely no reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. I mean, it is just beyond science! I try my best. I don't just try: I'm Mrs. Neatfreak. I actually clean every single spot a la Monica Geller until all the weary fibres of the furniture are in hatred towards me. But no matter how hard I try, these horrid specks of dust keep popping up. They come from nowhere and they never leave. They simply don't die and I'm sure they come to freak me out and cause major psychological vulnerabity.

I just bought a vacuum cleaner, ladies and gentlemen. So now I can Ghostbust’em!

* This post is dedicated to a friend who says I have recently become Martha Stewart.


  1. Te entendo perfeitamente!!! Já imaginou o que vai parar nos nossos pulmões?? Melhor não imaginarmos...

  2. OH my gosh.... Are you freaking kidding me ???
    I hate everything that´s dirty....well you know that i am a complete neatfreak as well, right ???
    As a matter of fact, we were just talking about it the other day...well i think you pretty much got it !!!!
    Why do some people don t bother if their house are filthy???
    It´s amzing to feel a fresh air after a good cleaning... I get really high on cleaning...
    Ok i have a problem !!!!

    see ya..

  3. É, Ma... não quero nem imaginar porque me dá nojinho :P

  4. I know you're a little bit of a freak, just like me, Milena... :)

    The thing that really surprises me every time, though, is the unexplicable dust speck genesis on the recently cleaned floor. It is NOT fun.

  5. Eu odeio pó! E odeio formigas! E não importa o quanto eu tente e limpe, eles vivem reaparecendo....!!!!


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