September 13, 2011

follower fever

How many followers should a blog have? Well, I've been thinking about that for quite a while now... See, many people say blogging is not all about followers, that only leaders need followers and all that jazz. Maybe blogging isn't all about followers, but it definitely is all about readers, isn't it? 

Let's face it: there is absolutely no reason for writing on a blog if nobody is reading you. Otherwise, you'd be just fine with a paperback diary or something. See, I'm a blogger and a blog reader. I love blogs in general and I have my favorite blogs' new posts delivered by RSS to my email account (which I check on a daily basis and makes the whole reading a lot less time consuming). And I try to comment on every nice post I bump into - that's because I want the author to know I was there. 

It is so awkward when my real life friends say: "Oh, and by the way, I always read your blog", which totally sounds like an apology for not doing it, not even once in some cases. Though I must admit I actually made them do it in the beginning (who hasn't? anyone? no? ok, then.. I'm sorry, friends!), now I understand they don't have to read my blog if they don't want to (yep, it took me some time to figure that out!). Then I realized most of my real life friends are not at all interested in my blog and that, maybe, I should simply focus on a different kind of audience: strangers. 

Making new online friends is the coolest thing! I really like to see Blogland as a huge party where communication flows and everybody has fun rather than a static place where you only go for a specific purpose and leave right away. A blog with no readers is like a party for one. It might be interesting at first if you have a hermit-like personality (not judging - I'm a lot like that sometimes), but c'mon... you'll eventually feel awkwardly isolated. 

I guess sometimes people say that the number of followers doesn't matter either because they already have a big blog or maybe they have just started one and they're too proud to admit they'd love it to grow. Maybe some are trying to encourage beginners to keep on writing no matter what, even if there's nobody to comment on your posts. The thing is: every blogger wants to know that people read what they publish. I guess it is that simple. 

So, let's go through the three basic ways of showing appreciation to a blogger here in Blogland: 

1. First and foremost, the nicest way of showing someone you like their blog is to follow it publicly. This is what we love the most! It's such a great encouragement for a blog owner to see one more follower there, to watch their own little community grow. I've read about that many times on many different blogs, so I guess I know what I'm talking about here. It has the power of lifting you up and it's the very best cure for blogger's block.

2. comments. Who doesn't like to read comments? Comments make Blogland go round and you know it! So, bloggers, let's try to leave a comment to all the posts we read, will ya?

3. e-mails. I got my very first personal email from a reader last week and I'm very, very happy about it! Sending a blogger an email is like… buying them a very nice gift. They'll love it, I'm sure they will. 

I am not teaching anybody anything and I am not a superblogger in any way. In fact, my blog is only about five months old. I just want you all to know that I care. I propose we celebrate a Blogger's Appreciation Week. How about that?

This blog's newest followers



PS. I'm thanking every new follower by either adding a link to their blog to my posts or placing their button on this blog's sidebar for as long as possible. :)


  1. This post is so cute! And I really love the new layout! It looks great!!!!
    Have a fabulous Tuesday =)

  2. I love followers! I always follow them back, too, unless they don't have their profile enabled so I can't figure out how to find their blog (pet peeve alert!).

  3. Thank you, Britta! I'm still trying new things here.. :P

    And Lisa, it's always great to see you here!

  4. I am new to blogging and have really really enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would! I don't have many followers yet, but one thing I remember seeing for new bloggers is that I need to just write away. That is what I have been doing. Writing as if I have hundreds of followers, because when I do, they will appreciate that I've developed my style and that I will have many things for them to read :) I can't wait til I get there and in the meantime I am definitely showing the same courtesy to others! Thanks for this!

  5. Hi there, Dey! You're totally right - I can't seem to write as much as I'd like, though. :(
    Thank you so much for the visit!

  6. You know, it kind of weirds me out when people tell me they read my blog and love it... my IRL friends that is. They never comment, so I just assume they don't read it, and I was more than okay with that. It makes me think I have a whole audience that I didn't even know existed and I think it's bizarre. Stalker status kind of. I mean, it's open to anyone, so I get why people do that but I feel like you miss out on part of the experience when you don't interact with the writer. I love leaving comments on things I read!

    I know I write in a blog because I want to remember things and have an outlet. And honestly I flat out forget to write in my paper diary. That's why I initially started writing. Plus I can add pictures way easier online. And type faster. I'm pretty sure I would still write if I had zero followers - seriously. But, it would be a lot less fun.

  7. I never spoke about it but I always wondered the same why my "real" friends would care less about my blog when I'am the same in person as in my blog. So I'm over it and totally excited for the new friends I've made from "strangers." Your three tips are all there is to it. It's about blog etiquette and it should always be present in and out of blogland. Hope you know I have visited your blog and before and truly enjoyed it. And I'm staying! :)

  8. Hi, I agree, if we didn't want readers we would make it private to begin with. I ALWAYS follow my readers in return. I think if they are taking the time to read about my life the least I can do is read about theirs. Oh but when they don't have their link activated I can't return the follow :(
    Then you have the readers who have never even said hello let alone comment?

  9. I started my blog at the encouragement of my mother-in-law so we could keep track of all the funny adventures in our lives. Now I think of it as a photo journal that Avery can look back on when she's older.

    Thanks for adding my button! You are so sweet! I hope you have a great week!

  10. Hi, Lauren! I can totally relate with you there. It's so weird to think you have a whole audience you didn't even know existed. :P I don't have a problem with that, it's just so.. weird! And you're so right about the interaction with the writer.. I'd love to hear from my ghost readers :P

    Thank you so much for the sweet words, girls! You rock! :)

  11. I am super new to blogging. Thanks for the great post!

  12. It's so true, most of the people closest to me don't follow OR read my blog! What up wit dat? hahah I had to let it go and I still love 'em. And I have made some amazing bloggy friends. It's such a special community! We should support each other. : )

  13. I totally agree with you. Readers and comments make us continue the journey!

    Most of my friends don't follow my blogs, but with patience, time and posts writing I have had the chance to meet great people here and even good friends, even people I would not have the chance to meet in my life. So all good!
    There are so many inspiring writers around - I too love to read daily the posts that talk to me and rarely leave without a comment.

    Have a lovely day and thanks for this great post.

  14. I totally agree :)
    Comments and new followers make me happy!
    An e-mails? please! They make my day!!

  15. Good luck, Blue Eyed Muser!

    Sheri, it's pretty hard to accept that our RL friends don't follow or read our blogs haha.. but well.. life goes on, doesn't it? :P

    Marie Harmony, I have met so many great people here too.. I'm so happy for that! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  16. This post was fabulous! It's so so true. I think we try to appear modest when we say that it doesn't matter how many followers our blog has, but in reality it really does encourage us to blog more and it feels good to know that others are interested in what we have to say. Amen sister!

  17. Thanks, Chelsea!!
    It's always good to talk you. Have a great week!

  18. I do so agree Luisa! For me, my blog was too personal, so I made it anonymous. Now I'm happy that I can reach out to strangers in stead, because I'm convinced that it makes me in fact a better blogger! Because you need to write better post, have more interesting content then with your friends. These might, (or might not!) follow you no matter what you do there...

    Goog luck to you in Blogland :)
    Hugs from your blog mate, Halina

  19. I really like your blog! Your points on blogging are spot on :) I struggled with whether my blog was too personal for strangers to read, and then I realized that was what I loved about "blogland." It's fun without readers because I love writing but definitely better with!

    Happy blogging ♥

  20. I love this! Such a fresh outlook on the whole blogger/follower dilemma.
    Also, on the topic of commenting, I want to thank you for being such a faithful reader of my blog! I can't express to you how happy it makes me when I see your name pop up under my "comments" section!

    Megan :)

  21. You are so right on the email part! I've connected with a few bloggers via email and it really feels like you start to get to know them when you connect outside of the blogging world!

  22. I started reading your blog because you commented on mine :), and I do enjoy reading. Thanks for your down to earth honesty in this post!


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